Summertime Vacations

summer-text-painted-uppercase-white-letters-green-wooden-boards-sun-glasses-rope-sea-shells-sand-star-fish-lifebuoy-50528314TIPS FROM JACK WAGNER

Summertime feels like it’s finally here!

Family vacations are an excellent opportunity to get away from everyday activities and enjoy a vacation away from home with family and friends.  I’m going to share with you a few tips you can easily perform on your plumbing systems at home that will give you peace of mind and save energy.  Nobody likes coming home to chaos or disasters, so  performing a few simple tasks can go a long way to prevent them.


  • Shut off water to your house at the meter.  You may have a lawn irrigation system which should be left on.
  • Turn water heater gas supply to “pilot” or “vacation” setting to save energy.  Just remember to turn it back on when you arrive home and allow 1-2 hours for heater to reach optimum temperature again.
  • Inspect outside faucets to be sure they are turned off and remove hoses when possible.
  • Turn water softener to “by-pass” and unplug to stop regeneration while you’re away.  You may have to reset the timer upon arrival back home.
  • Turn thermostat to 62 degrees for heat and 78 degrees for cooling.
  • Inspect sump pump for proper operation and consider having J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping, Inc. install a battery operated back up pump system for additional security and peace of mind.  Call Dan Wagner at 630-584-1181 for more information and pricing on these systems.

I hope this information was useful and that everyone gets out there and enjoy the summer!