Improve the Temperature of Your Water Heater

Fox Valley Plumbing | JLWagnerPlumbing.comHave you recently moved and had an issue with the heat of your water? Are you just an average person who has no experience working with their hot water heater? Then it’s very likely that you do not have a lot of experience working with hot water heaters. These heaters are naturally an important part of any home, so managing the temperature is very important. If you’ve never changed your temperature, then it’s time to learn more!

On most average water heaters, there are two covers that usually cover the thermostat. After turning off the circuit breaker for the heater, you can take off these panels to see where your thermostat is located. These heaters will usually have a temperature adjust knob that allows you to adjust it to your preferred temperature. Most water heaters should be set at 120 degrees, but you can bump it up a bit to about 130 degrees. If you have it any higher than that, you or a member of your family may get burned.

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