Prepping for a Vacation – Plumbing Tips

Fox Valley PlumbingAre you planning a fabulous end-of-summer vacation? Before you head out on an extended vacation, here a few plumbing tips you should follow:

  • Turn Off Your Hot Water Heater – Did you know that your hot water heater consumes a lot of energy? If you are planning on leaving the house for a while, you may want to consider turning it off before you go. You won’t need the water while you are gone and you’ll be able to turn it right back on as soon as you get home.
  • Shut Your Water Off – If you live in an older home that has unpredictable pipes, you may want to consider turning off your water for the entire vacation. Most homes have a shut-off valve that is located within the home.
  • Take Care of Any Lingering Problems – It is a smart plan to take care of any lingering plumbing problems you may have before you leave. If you haven’t shut down the water, there is a chance that something could happen that may cause extensive damage in your home. Additionally, it’s nice to have these issues taken care of before you leave.

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