Staying Cool in the Summer

St. Charles Heating and CoolingHas the summer heat got you down? Check out these tips to help you stay cool all summer long:

  • Invest in Ceiling Fans – Having ceiling fans in your home is a great way to keep cool all summer long. Although the fans themselves do not lower the temperature in any room, they do help keep you cool. With ceiling fans, you won’t have to worry about running the AC as high, as it won’t feel as hot in your home.
  • Cook Outdoors – Running the oven or range in your home will heat things up a lot. This is one of the reasons why so many people enjoy cooking outdoors in the summer. It gives them a chance to enjoy the weather outside, make delicious meals on the grill, and keep their energy bills much lower.
  • Improve Your Sleeping Situations – If you need a cool environment when you go to sleep, you can adjust your sleeping habits to make things more comfortable. You should make sure you have breathable cotton sheets on your bed, as well as loose jammies that wick sweat from the body.

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