Safety Tips for Welding

natural gas piping installationWhen it comes to any welding project, it is best to hire a certified professional to ensure the job is done correctly. Our team of professionals is dedicated to completing the task promptly. At JL Wagner Plumbing and Piping, we believe in safety. Below are just a few safety tips we follow and you can too.

  • Dress Appropriately

It is important to cover all exposed skin when welding to protect you from the powerful ultraviolet and infrared rays. It is best to wear closed toed shoes such as leather boots, jeans, a welding coat, gloves, welding helmet, and safety glasses.

  • Welding Helmet

Wearing a welding helmet that covers your face and eyes is vital to your safety. A welding helmet that fits properly protects your eyes from the bright flash that can cause a painful burning sensation in the eyes called “arch flash.” When selecting your helmet, it is important to consider a lens that works best in your welding area.

  • Exhaust Hood

Since welding produces strong fumes and smoke, it is imperative to ensure you are working in an open area to relieve you from toxins. If you must work in a restricted space, utilize an exhaust hood to remove gases that could hinder your health and breathing.

Whether you are interested in a natural gas piping installation or a wanting to hire a certified welder, look to JL Wagner Plumbing and Piping to offer professional services and safety tips.