3 Maintenance Tips for Your Furnace

Fall may be in season, but winter is right around the corner! At J.L. Wagner Plumbing and Piping, we strive to help you get the most out of your furnace during the cooler months. From dust, debris, and dirt, these pesky culprits can wreak havoc on your HVAC systems. Check below to learn the 3 furnace parts you should clean between your professional maintenance services.

  1. Vents

It is important to keep your furnace vents clean because dirt and debris can cause a blockage in your air flow. This will cause your system to overwork itself and waste fuel. You can clean your vent by removing the cover and cleaning out the dust with your vacuum hose.

  1. Air Filter

Since the main duty of your air filter is to prevent dust and pollutants come through your furnace blower, it is essential to regularly change your air filter. Depending on what kind of furnace you own will determine how often you should change it out.

  1. Blower

The blower is an important part of your furnace that should always be kept clean. We recommend looking to our team of professionals to help you clean your blower since it is more intricate than other parts. The blower consists of belts and the motor.

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