Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

Plumbing problems can be much more serious than a backed up sink, especially in older homes. In the worst cases, a home’s entire sewer system can become backed up – a problem that requires the services of Fox valley plumbing professionals.

In our previous blog post we listed some do’s and don’ts to help prevent a clogged drain. However, more often than we should, we are using the kitchen, bathroom and utility drain sinks as our own personal garbage receptacle. They simply aren’t designed for such use and can’t handle the load.

Be mindful of what goes down the drain and always avoid putting any of these items down your drains.

In the Kitchen
Cooking oil, including mayonnaise and salad dressings.
Butter and margarine, which, when melted, can congeal and build up over time creating a water resistant barrier.
Grease, like oils and fats, will cling to the inside of pipes.
Egg shells are hard on disposals and can compound other blockages.
Pasta noodles and rice will continue to expand with water exposure, which will gum up the pipes.
Flour + water = glue.

In the Bathroom
Hair, either the human or pet variety.
Baby wipes and feminine hygiene products not only clog drains but are harmful to septic and sewage lines.
Cotton balls, Q-tips, paper towels and tissues expand in water and compound other blockages.
Band-aids and dental floss both tangle up with small clogs to turn them into big clogs.
Nail polish or nail polish remover harm our groundwater and in many places are illegal to put down drains.

Properly disposing of these off-limit drain items will prevent clogs, allowing you to keep your drains flowing freely.