At JL Wagner, we strive to help our customers and the environment, which is why we always recommend natural gas piping installation to all of our residential and commercial clients. Our certified technicians understand the importance of correctly installing your natural gas piping and feel it is important to educate our customers on the benefits of natural gas. Below we have listed four reasons why you should incorporate natural gas piping into your home today!

  1. When you entrust the specialists at JL Wagner for your natural gas piping installation, you can expect a warm winter, even if the power goes out. Gas pipes are ideal for powering your heating appliances because they do not depend on electricity, allowing your services to be reliable. We recommend having our technicians inspect your gas piping before every winter to ensure your pipes are in pristine condition.
  2. Although gas piping is ideal for providing heat during the colder months, it also can supply power to a plethora of other appliances! From your water heater, stove, dryer, to your outdoor barbecue and pool, a natural gas piping installation allows for a broad range of
  3. Homeowners turn to natural gas because it allows for more money in your pockets because it lowers your electric bill! It is easy to see a return on your investment because natural gas piping uses less energy compared to electric appliances.
  4. We recommend gas piping to our customers because it is good for the environment. Since natural gas is an abundant fuel that burns clean, we strive to utilize this method for heating appliances because we feel it is our duty to give back to the environment. As a company, we are working to ensure our actions help reduce pollution and the emitting of greenhouse gases.

Whether you are interested in natural gas piping installation, upgrading your HVAC system, installing a new furnace or in need of an air duct cleaning, look to the specialists at JL Wagner. Contact us today at (630) 584-1181 to learn more about our commercial and residential HVAC and plumbing services.