water running

Are You Wasting Too Much Water?

We often don’t consider how we may be using water because it’s so readily available to us. But did you know that plumbing issues can be a leading cause of wasting water? The tricky thing about this is that a lot of the waste is caused by behind the scenes, invisible issues such as faulty plumbing, old fixtures, inefficient appliances, and bad habits.  That’s why reliable plumbing companies in Geneva, IL, are dedicated to ensuring all your pipes and waterlines are in good working order, so nothing goes to waste.

If you want to be more conscientious about how you may be wasting water, here are the top 10 things you should be mindful of:

  1. Using Your Toilet As A Trash Can
  2. Conventional Shower Heads
  3. Taking Baths and Long Showers
  4. Leaky Pipes
  5. Laundry Loads that are Only Half Full
  6. Running a Dish Washer Not Completely Full
  7. Running Water While Washing Dishes
  8. Conventional Toilets
  9. Overwatering Your Lawn
  10. Running Water While Brushing Teeth

Although some of these situations are more out of our control, the list identifies some habits that we can consider. As for the areas where we can’t monitor water waste more easily, plumbing companies can check to ensure all your pipes are in working condition. Contact an experienced plumbing company like J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping, Inc. to help you.