Many smells can cause homeowners to cringe, one being the horrendous smell of sewer gas in your bathroom. Sewer gas is a dangerous combination of methane and waste materials that often emit through many different plumbing surfaces in your bathroom. It is important to know that if you smell sewer gas in your home, look to our Fox Valley plumbing to help you determine where the gas is coming from. Below we help educate homeowners on common causes of sewer gas smells in your bathroom.

Broken Toilet Seal

If your toilet wobbles or moves when pressure is applied, this could cause concern that your toilet is not adequately sealed to the floor. Your toilet should be secured tightly by caulking or a wax seal. Often time’s sewer gas can emit through a loose toilet seal.

Inadequate Plumbing

Regular sewer smells can often dictate more significant problems due to improper plumbing installations. Our Fox Valley plumbing company can check your plumbing to ensure you have the proper vents and traps needed. Vents and traps create a safe pathway that leads sewer gas away from the interior of your home by creating a water barrier.

Dry P-Trap

The P-trap is the u-shaped pipe found under your sink that contains a water barrier to ensure sewer gas does not emit to your bathroom. If the p-trap is dry, sewer gas can enter your home, causing your family to breathe in harmful chemicals.

Clogged Vents

It is important that the vent from your sewer pipe to your roof is always unclogged. This vent allows fresh air in your home while it discards the sewer gas. If your vent has become clogged, this will cause your sewer gas to back up into your bathroom, creating a harmful and nasty smell.

Cracked Pipes

Older homes that feature cast iron plumbing often emit sewer gas due to cracks in the pipes. Our Fox Valley plumbing company can help you install upgraded pipes to ensure your safety against sewer gas.

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