process piping

Does Your Process Piping Need to be Replaced?

Process piping is similar to plumbing systems, but it’s not the same thing. A plumbing system is just what you expect; it carries water to, and throughout, a building, and carries waste water away.

On the other hand, process piping is used in businesses, industries, and factories to convert liquids into other products.

By way of illustration, water used to wash your hands is carried through the plumbing system, while water used in the manufacture of soft drinks is transported through process piping.

Process piping consists of a myriad of valves, tubes, pipes, fittings, gaskets, and more to control the flow, direction, and separation of the liquids it carries. It needs to meet entirely different regulations and codes than does a regular plumbing system.

If you test your system and realize that it doesn’t meet the requirements, then that’s an instance when it should be replaced. Additionally, perhaps it’s assembled from outdated materials that are insufficient to handle the flows demanded by modern processes.

You could be looking at leaks or blockages that impede production, leading to increased expenses or environmental impact. In any of these situations, that’s when you should seek out a firm that specializes in commercial plumbing in Geneva, IL, like we do at J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping.