backflow prevention diagram

How a Plumbing Company in Geneva, IL, Can Help with Backflow Prevention

You want the water in your plumbing system flowing in one direction. After it comes in, you want it going out. If H2O finds its way back into your drinking water that’s known as backflow and it will contaminate your water supply. It’s essential to eliminate this risk before it becomes a problem for your home or business. At J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping, Inc., we are among the top plumbing companies in Geneva, IL, and we’re going to provide you with valuable advice on backflow prevention.

The primary step is finding a plumbing company that has experience in preventing backflows so that you can get the job done without delay. What the plumber will need to do is install a backflow preventer that will stop contaminated water from flowing back into your household supply. The primary way they work is by using a one-way valve to stop water from reversing. This is a simplification as many preventers are much more complicated but the goal and function is the same.

Make sure the plumbing company you choose is fully licensed for the installation of backflow devices. In that case, they will be capable of testing, repairs, and installation of backflow systems and you can rest assured that your water supply will be protected.