How To Keep Your Drains In Good Shape

Although you may not think of it often, your home’s plumbing is a crucial part of your property. The drainage system in your house is an intricate web of pipes and hardware, hidden from view but performing critical functions. Thanks to modern plumbing, we can eliminate waste with one rinse or flush and never see it again. Understanding how to best care for your drains can save you money and eliminate headaches like repairs and emergency plumbing services in Geneva, IL, down the road.

Here are three quick tips for looking after for your homes drainage system:

Have Your Sewer Line and System Regularly Checked:

Having regular checks is essential to ensuring your drains remain clear for use. Even if all of your toilets, sinks, and showers appear to be working fine, you can’t know whats happening under the surface. Over time, sewer buildup can lead to blockages, which can then lead to costly emergency plumbing services on your end. Have a professional regularly check your lines and give them the green light for usage.

Install Screens Over Your Drains

Dont throw large items down your toilets or sinks, and use screens to catch hair, food, and other particles. Your drainage system may be strong enough to handle a rogue item once or twice, but large amounts of waste, paper items, or hair in the drains can have long-term negative effects and the need for plumbing services.

Invest In Home Insurance With Sewer Line Protection

It’s critical to have good home insurance that covers sewer lines or water damage to your property. By being prepared and getting annual maintenance on your sewer systems, you are less likely to be caught off-guard.