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Knowing When It’s Time To Replace Your Faucets

Everyone relies on the bathroom faucets to get clean on a daily basis. They usually work reliably and aren’t given much thought, until they stop working properly.  That’s the most common time when homeowners look for plumbing services in Geneva, IL.

Here are a few signs that it may be time to install new bath faucets:

Leaking Handles – After years of use, faucets may begin to leak at their base, or sometimes where they meet the wall. Rubber gaskets and steel components are susceptible to wear and tear and will need to be replaced eventually.

Constant Dripping – If your bath faucet never stops dripping, even when you’ve turned off the water, something is wrong, and you may need professional plumbing services. Dripping faucets can add up to significantly higher utility bills over time.

Shower Problems – If your bathtub also serves as a shower, then the bath faucet is connected to the same water supply connection as the showerhead. If the water continues to come out of the bath faucet while the shower is turned on, there is a problem that will require repair and plumbing services.

Rust and Grime – Older faucets can begin to corrode from several common chemicals or plain old age. Regular cleaning will prevent excessive mineral buildup, but this may lead to leaks if not appropriately treated or replaced.

New Look – Bathrooms in a home can be some of its most significant selling points, so it makes good financial sense to investigate if local plumbing services can schedule you in to update your bathroom from time to time. Installing modern new faucets will enhance the design of any modern bathroom.