Plumbing Mistakes can Be Avoided with Plumbing Services in Geneva, IL

For homeowners that enjoy a DIY project or are looking to save money, trying to fix a plumbing issue on their own might seem ideal. However, there are numerous mistakes one can make, all of which could end up making things much worse. In many situations, it’s much easier to hire a professional to handle any and all plumbing services in Geneva, IL.

That said, if you plan on making any modifications to your home plumbing system, you need to make sure you’re prepared for anything. Going in uninformed can result in severe consequences that can cost you more than if you hired a plumber. You don’t want to rack up unnecessary expenses, so it is vital that you take the time to understand common mistakes that inexperienced homeowners tend to make. In the end, you just might decide to pick up the phone and contact a plumber after all.

Overuse of Chemicals

One error that many individuals make is frequently using chemical drain cleaners. While this is a quick and convenient method for some, regular use of these types of products can corrode galvanized pipes and cause leaks. Instead, pouring baking soda into the drain following up with vinegar, and leaving it alone for a few hours can usually get the job done without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Not Using the Correct Piping

Another common mistake is misunderstanding the different types of piping available. Connecting galvanized pipes to copper ones can result in corrosion if a dielectric union is not used. This joint piece keeps the two materials from making contact, preventing corrosion.

Inexperience with the Work

Rushing to complete plumbing services without the proper licensing or permits can result in shoddy workmanship at best or severe damage to your property at worst. Without the correct equipment or skillset, you could end up making crucial mistakes that accrue more costs than a professional plumber would.

Additionally, if you fail to acquire the proper permits, you could be in violation of local codes and regulations. This can accumulate significant fines later on down the road, giving you more financial trouble. Instead, save yourself time and money by relying on the knowledge and expertise of experienced plumbing services.