Signs You Need Plumbing Services in Geneva, IL for Your Water Heater

If you like having access to hot water, and chances are you do, then read this article from the team at J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping on how to identify problems with your water heater.

Some easily identifiable factors will let you know if you need to contact a company that offers plumbing services in Geneva, IL, to repair or replace your water heater. The very first one you will notice is fluctuating temperatures. One time it will be as hot as you would like and the very next moment it’s cool or even cold. That’s a clear sign that trouble is brewing in your heater. If you run out of water too fast, then maybe your heater elements aren’t working.

You might notice a rusty or brownish color in your water. This indicates a buildup of sediment in the heater. In this case, contact a plumbing services professional to clean your unit or replace it if the tank is rusting.

The heater shouldn’t be making loud noises, such as banging or cracking sounds. It may mean an element has a mineral buildup or a dip tube has broken, for example. A call to a plumbing services company is in order in that case.

Leaks are other prominent signs you have problems with your water heating unit. These need to be fixed right away to avoid corrosion to the appliance and water damage to your home.