What a Plumbing Inspection from Our Plumbing Company near Geneva, IL Covers

Unexpected clogs, leaks, and floods are hassles no homeowner wants to deal with. What if there was a better way to go about preventing plumbing mishaps? There is when you team up with J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping, your first local source for repairs, replacements, and maintenance. As one of the most preferred plumbing companies in Geneva, IL, we’re dedicated to saving our clients’ time and money. That’s why we recommend regular plumbing inspections for best results.

What do plumbing inspections entail? The answer varies based on your home’s particular appliances, their age, and your family’s daily routine. Some plumbing fixtures see more use than others, for example, and they’re more prone to failure. Older homes may experience age-related plumbing problems. Many different factors come into play, and our plumbers evaluate them all to determine what your inspection should cover.

For the average homeowner, our basic inspection covers all the most important bases. Here are some of the areas we believe competent plumbing companies in Geneva, IL, should examine during their inspections:

Kitchens: Here’s a room that sees plenty of everyday use, especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning. Plumbers should inspect the faucets, sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher to ensure everything is running smoothly. If your refrigerator is a model that dispenses water and ice, a plumber can also check its components for functionality.

Bathrooms: The vast majority of plumbing mishaps occur in bathrooms, which are used by every member of your household every day. Plumbers should check that both sink and tub faucets are tight and free of leaks. The caulking around both should also be checked, as it can degrade and lead to slow, hard-to-detect water damage.

Sewer & Septic Lines: Many plumbing companies in Geneva, IL, only offer basic plumbing services, so be sure to choose one that also covers sewer and septic line matters. A truly comprehensive plumbing inspection will involve assessments of these areas to prevent root damage, clogs, and broken/outdated pipe problems.

Be sure to ask your plumber whether they can inspect other parts of your property, i.e. your water softening system and water heater. These are also vital parts of your house’s plumbing system and need regular maintenance to work as they should.

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