Does Your Water Smell Weird? Call a Plumber in St. Charles, IL

Strange smells are usually a bad sign when they’re coming from your water. They can also be distressing since they could indicate potential health concerns or problems that can damage your pipes. So, when is it just a passing smell, and when should you contact a plumber in St. Charles, IL?

The short answer is that it’s always better to get an expert opinion. Your pipes shouldn’t be putting out any odd odors — especially not for an extended period of time. To get a better idea of why calling your plumber might be important, let’s take a look at some common smells and their potential causes.


You need certain minerals to stay healthy, but old pipes can let in far too many heavy metals. Some might even be leaching lead, which has dire health consequences. If you notice a metallic smell, the source could be pollution from these metals, which needs a fast fix before someone gets sick.


Anywhere you find moisture, there’s a risk of mold. Usually caused by algae blooming somewhere in your water supply, this fungal menace leaves behind a musty odor that’s hard to miss. This is another major health hazard, and it only gets worse as the colony grows. It might also be a sign that you have a leak somewhere, which can cost you in property damage, mold remediation, and monthly water bills.


If you’ve ever had eggs go bad, you’ll find the smell of hydrogen sulfide familiar. This stinky substance can corrode your pipes, leading to expensive repairs if left alone for too long. Sometimes, you’ll notice this smell for a few days after moving into a property that hasn’t had running water in a while. If it persists longer than that, though, get in touch with your plumbing company.