dog being rinsed with a shower head

Signs that You Need a Pressure Booster Pump

Underwhelmed by your water pressure? Do you have to run around under your shower head just to get wet as the water only trickles out? If you’ve answered yes — and it’s a safe bet that you did because you’re here — then it sounds like you might need a boost from a pump.

The signs you need a pressure booster pump are simple ones.

The first is very apparent when you turn on the tap. If the water slowly trickles out, then it’s an indication that you need a pump to help increase the flow.

However, it also could point to the fact that perhaps you’re dealing with plugged lines or a leak somewhere in the system. Don’t wonder what the issue is; instead, turn to professional plumbing services in Geneva, IL, like the ones we offer at J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping to track down the cause and sort it out.

Another sign can be found in the numbers. An ideal water pressure is between 45-55 PSI, and you can determine that by calling your local water utility which should have that information close at hand. If you’re on a well, then it’s easy enough to get a reading by contacting a plumber or using a pressure gauge yourself.