High humidity levels can cause many problems to your home and could create unhealthy symptoms for your loved ones. When your humidity levels increase above 50%, you will often experience mold growing along the ceiling corners and musty smells. These symptoms can create harmful allergies and toxic air from breathing in mold and dust mites. Check below to learn helpful tips to dehumidify your home from our St. Charles heating and cooling company.

  • In areas that have excess moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, it is important to install vent fans to help lower humidity levels after cooking and taking hot showers.
  • If vent fans are too costly to install, homeowners can crack windows to allow excess moisture to dry out.
  • Setting your thermostat fan to “auto” is a great way to dehumidify your space. This setting will allow your fan to cool your home to the desired setting and will turn off automatically when the fan reaches your temperature setting.
  • Taking colder and shorter showers can help decrease humidity levels in your bathroom.
  • Always use exhaust fans when cooking to help lower humidity levels. In addition, since your oven and stove-tops create more heat and moisture, we recommend using slow cookers to help lower the humidity.
  • Although indoor plants help clean your home’s air, they contain a lot of moisture that can increase your humidity levels. We recommend decorating with fake plants to allow excess moisture to disappear.
  • Leaks found in your home can create higher humidity levels and other costly consequences. Pipe leaks can be evident on your walls and ceilings with dark marks. We recommend looking to our Charles heating and cooling company to help you discover any possible leaks that could create excess moisture in your air.
  • During the colder months, we recommend keeping cut firewood outside. Freshly cut firewood contains water that can evaporate inside your home creating higher humidity levels.
  • If you have tried multiple natural ways to lower your humidity levels in your home but have failed, investing in a dehumidifier can be a successful Dehumidifiers should be placed in an area in your home that does not receive direct sunlight or warm temperatures, such as a basement. Do not set dehumidifiers in areas with furniture or close to walls.

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