What You Should Know About Water Hammers

Bang. Bang. Bang-bang-bang. Unless you’re at a rock concert listing to the drummer pound away on his kit, those sounds aren’t going to be music to your ears. That’s especially true if those harsh and abrupt noises are coming from your plumbing system. When that happens, they are called “water hammers.”

As a Batavia plumbing company, our team at J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping Inc. has a lot of experience with water hammers, and we decided to provide some information here so you will know what you are up against when you encounter them in your home or office.

A water hammer occurs in pipes when a fluid moving in one direction has to stop or rapidly change direction. A shockwave happens that leads to the banging you hear. The danger with this is that it will damage and cause wear in valves and joints, which can lead to leaks, detached pipes, and even burst lines.

A Batavia plumbing company can help fix a water hammer in a few different ways. They will make sure loose pipes are secure to prevent them from shaking and amplifying the hammering noises.

You can ask the company to install an air chamber that allows water to move into the chamber when a valve is closed. This prevents the water from slamming into the closed valve and creating a shockwave as it rebounds. Mechanical shock absorbers are also a very good solution.