plumber fixing pipes under the sink

Why is My Garbage Disposal Leaking?

It can happen with any piece of mechanical equipment that works with water – it springs a leak. You may notice this problem with your garbage disposal. This isn’t usually a cause for great concern. Much of the time, a professional from plumbing companies in Geneva, IL, can make the repair.

Generally, there are two types of leaks:

Ironically, a gasket can leak when it’s dry from disuse. When water runs through it after a period of inactivity, the gasket dries up, allowing water and partially ground food to pass through. The secret to leak prevention is to use your disposal regularly or at least run water through it.

It’s crucial for all models that the gasket is locked all on sides and has a watertight seal. For older models, this means replacing the seal every time you remove the disposal.


When you discover a leak at the top of the garbage disposal, the flange is likely the problem. It can come loose or otherwise develop a leak. A screwdriver takes care of a loose flange, and plumber’s putty takes care of it otherwise.

A pro tip for you: Always test the disposal after it’s fixed to ensure the problem is taken care of. This is what a responsible plumbing company will do.