Why You May Need to Drain Your Home’s Plumbing System

Though it’s not the most common maintenance need, it’s necessary to drain your plumbing pipes from time to time to ensure they continue to work effectively. A plumber may recommend draining your pipes to:

  • Resolve Problems Related to Water Hammer
  • Shut Down a Seasonal Property to Prepare for the Winter
  • Make Major Repairs Like Extending or Replacing Plumbing Lines

How Drainage Can Resolve Plumbing Issues

Water hammer, also known as hydraulic shock, is an issue where the pipes tend to make loud noises when the faucets are turned on or off. The solution is to drain the system and refill it so that air gaps are confined to their designated spaces.

Draining the plumbing pipes is one of many items on a homeowner’s winter preparation checklist. It’s especially important when a property in a cold climate will be left unattended for the winter since frozen pipes can burst and fill an empty home with thousands of gallons of water and cause thousands of dollars in damages.

Though not every major repair requires total system drainage, it may be necessary when you’re installing a new basement bathroom. There may be a substantial amount of water in your home’s supply pipes and when they’re cut to connect to the new supply lines, water can flow out unless they’ve been drained first.

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