Batavia Toilet Installation Services

Perhaps your toilet has lost its luster? Or do you simply want a new toilet installed in your house? Well, there are different reasons why you might need a new toilet installation.

Whether you are sick and tired of your ugly old throne, your toilet is broken and requires replacing, or if you are constructing a new building, the prudent thing would be to leave the job to a team of experienced, fully licensed contractors. Otherwise, it might lead to a big issue one day, and you will end up paying more to resolve the issue.

What Are the Signs You Should Consider Installing a New Toilet?

Generally speaking, your plumbing is one of the vital systems you should maintain in your home. It can be very frustrating if your toilet does not work properly or seems to be damaged. Below are some of the many signs that you should install a new toilet.

1. Many Repairs

Your toilet shouldn’t be an appliance that requires regular repairs. Do you find yourself always looking for the experts to help in repairing this or that in your toilet? Then perhaps it is time to consider installing a new toilet. A correctly installed, and well-maintained toilet should last for long.

2. Constant Clogging

Are you experiencing the inconvenience of a clogged toilet? Although it is not an uncommon thing if it starts to occur frequently, that might be a sign of a more significant problem. If you start encountering clogs more than once in a week, or if you’re on the other spectrum’s end whereby the clogs seem odd and random, then you need to replace your toilet.

3. Wobbling

Is your toilet wobbling? Do you need to be extra careful whenever you sit down on the toilet? The solution might be a simple issue of loose screws. Once you reach out to experienced experts, they can come out and help in tightening them. However, that wobbling might be an indication of a much bigger issue. In some cases, the floor underneath the toilet might also be rotting away because of water damage. So, if you notice any wobbling, contact the pros, and they will check it out.

4. Cracks in the Porcelain

In case you begin noticing puddles of water surrounding the toilet’s base, there is a good indication that there might be cracks in the porcelain. And although the toilet might function just fine, leads can end up wasting a huge amount of water. What’s more, it can damage your flooring, such as carpeting hardwood, tile, and your furniture.

5. Built-up Mineral Deposits

When it comes to hard water areas, minerals can usually build in the siphon tube and inlet holes. This form of accumulation inhibits the water from flowing efficiently, which makes the toilet ineffective. Generally, there are scenarios where you could manually chip away these deposits. However, in most cases, the easiest thing you could do is to install a new toilet. And this is when you will need to rely on plumbing services. The plumbing specialists will gladly install your new appliance.

6. Inefficient Flushing

Have you realized that your water bills are extremely high? Then you need to take a look at your toilet, which is one of your largest water-wasters. Installing a brand new water-efficient toilet may ultimately assist you to reduce your bills. On average, the toilet uses 3-5 gallons of water with every flush. Undoubtedly, you will recognize this impact if you got an extensive family.

Reasons You Need to Leave Your Toilet Installation to an Expert

You do not need to contact the plumber every moment you experience a plumbing issue. There are certain things you could take the DIY approach, as long as you have the right tools for the job. However, as aforementioned, there are other jobs that you shouldn’t undertake yourself, such as installing a new toilet.

Installation calls on professional training

You will be much surprised if you think that the installation of a new toilet only needs you to measure the distance from the bolts on the bathroom floor to the wall. It’s generally a far more complicated project that demands professional training.

By taking the DIY approach, you will not only be trying something you have never done before, but you will also be risking damage to your new toilet, your plumbing system, and your bathroom.

A new leaking toilet

It would be so frustrating to struggle with the installation of your toilet only to notice some days later that it has started leaking. Identifying the source of the leak can be challenging, especially if your toilet’s location is on the second floor. It will only take a few days, and you will start noticing water building up on the first floor’s ceiling. In case your toilet is used frequently, you will soon see some dark stains formation on the ceiling located directly below it. You might start regretting ever taking the DIY approach.

Mold growth

If you face difficulties locating the source of your leak, dark space and damp will soon begin growing mold. At this point, you’ll need to seek assistance from plumbing experts to pinpoint the leak and replace or reinstall your toilet.

You will also need to reach out to a remediation expert who can help manage the mold growing in your house. Mold will cause respiratory issues, deteriorate allergies, and even make patients struggling with existing medical conditions much worse. Do away with the risk accompanying the installation of a new toilet by relying on professionals.

Reasonable cost

Undoubtedly, professional plumbers will always charge you a decent cost for the job. They won’t waste your money on replacing or repairing the things that are working correctly. Instead, they save money and offer the most suitable solution.

Toilet Installation Services

Every household requires at least one proper operating toilet. As a general rule in the plumbing world, a toilet can averagely last up to 50 years. However, a new toilet installation would be a more necessary thing after 25 years primarily because of frequent wear and tear, and damage.

Therefore, simply because a toilet can last over 50 years does not mean that it should. Taking proper care of your appliance is crucial! And when you are prepared to install a new one, call the experts!