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Does Your Home Need a Water Softener?

If you find that your sinks have stains and your skin is dry and itchy, your home might have a problem with hard water.  If so, you may need to invest in a water softener.  Water softening systems will help to increase the lifespan of your home’s plumbing and your clothes.  If you notice these two examples in your home, then it’s a smart move to ask experts in plumbing in Batavia, to install a water softening system.

You Have Noticed Scale Buildup On Appliances

It’s pretty likely that if you have scale, you have hard water.  Mineral deposits will form on tea kettles and coffee pots, and they can also build up inside the pipes.  This sometimes clogs plumbing so much that your house is less effective at passing water through the pipes.

Your Skin And Hair Is Dry

Hard water in your plumbing system can cause itchy dry skin and hair because of the extra calcium and magnesium salts floating around in the water.  Minerals in water settle on your skin, and soap that doesn’t dissolve well in hard water can’t remove them.  A residue is left on the skin that irritates it and makes it feel dry and rough.

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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairs

Having an old water heater doesn’t seem like a significant risk until you have to take an ice-cold shower, so water heater repair is pretty essential. If you see these common warning signs, you may have a malfunctioning water heater and should look for plumbing companies in Geneva, IL.

Water Discoloration – Water that comes out of your tap should be colorless. If you notice the water coming out of your taps is brownish, rusty, or has some little dark particles, your water heater is to blame. Sedimentation can cause water color changes, and it may come out brownish. If this is the case, you could be facing a serious health hazard in your home.  Contact one of your local plumbing companies for a qualified water heater professional to come to clean the hot water tank.

Hot Water Runs Out Too Fast – A water heater is designed to keep water hot throughout the day and ready for use. It has many gallons of hot water inside and should not run out in times of need.  If you are running out of water too soon, one of the water heating elements may be broken in your unit.

Funny Noises – It’s perfectly normal for your water heater to make a little noise, but if the noise becomes loud banging, popping, or cracking sounds, then you have a good reason to start looking at plumbing companies.

Signs of Corrosion – Corrosion on your water heater often means that you should get a new unit installed. You can tell if rust shows on the outside, or if your water is discolored and brown.

Leaking Water – Sometimes, the structure of your water heater can be weakened, causing it to leak and water to pool around the bottom of the tank.

This can be quite dangerous with pets, small children, and electrical appliances around the area. If you notice that your heater has a leak, it needs to be repaired.

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Knowing When It’s Time To Replace Your Faucets

Everyone relies on the bathroom faucets to get clean on a daily basis. They usually work reliably and aren’t given much thought, until they stop working properly.  That’s the most common time when homeowners look for plumbing services in Geneva, IL.

Here are a few signs that it may be time to install new bath faucets:

Leaking Handles – After years of use, faucets may begin to leak at their base, or sometimes where they meet the wall. Rubber gaskets and steel components are susceptible to wear and tear and will need to be replaced eventually.

Constant Dripping – If your bath faucet never stops dripping, even when you’ve turned off the water, something is wrong, and you may need professional plumbing services. Dripping faucets can add up to significantly higher utility bills over time.

Shower Problems – If your bathtub also serves as a shower, then the bath faucet is connected to the same water supply connection as the showerhead. If the water continues to come out of the bath faucet while the shower is turned on, there is a problem that will require repair and plumbing services.

Rust and Grime – Older faucets can begin to corrode from several common chemicals or plain old age. Regular cleaning will prevent excessive mineral buildup, but this may lead to leaks if not appropriately treated or replaced.

New Look – Bathrooms in a home can be some of its most significant selling points, so it makes good financial sense to investigate if local plumbing services can schedule you in to update your bathroom from time to time. Installing modern new faucets will enhance the design of any modern bathroom.

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Why It’s a Good Idea to Have a Battery Backup for Your Sump Pump

When you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, you depend on your sump pump to protect the basement, foundation, and lower areas of your property from water damage. Sump pumps redirect floodwater from the home to a drywell or storm drain. But if a particularly heavy storm knocks out the electricity in your neighborhood, you no longer have this valuable line of defense against floodwater. That’s why it’s important to invest in a battery backup that will ensure your sump pump is working when you need it most.

At J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping Inc., we install sump pumps and battery backups that give our customers peace of mind that their homes will remain protected. Our knowledge, experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction have separated us from the other plumbing companies in Geneva, IL. When you need a sump pump or backup, we’ll provide the excellent products and services that have distinguished us as the premier plumbers in the area.

Having a battery backup is also useful if you have an aging sump pump. Over time, your unit may be prone to malfunctions that occur for reasons other than power outages. If your pump is over five years old, a battery backup will help ensure that it comes back online quickly. If you have any questions about sump pumps or battery backups, our company will be happy to take your call.



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The Importance of a Solid Plan before Starting a Commercial Plumbing Project

As with any construction-related project, installing or updating pipes and plumbing fixtures requires a solid plan. At J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping Inc., we have extensive experience with commercial plumbing in structures of all sizes. To be executed properly, commercial plumbing must first be carefully planned down to the last detail. A specific design, a list of the necessary parts, a schedule for each phase of installation, and a forecasted budget are just a few of the necessary elements of any successful project.

Our Fox Valley plumbing services feature everything your commercial project will need. We are a detail-oriented team that carefully produces plans and specifications that suit the requirements of your building. Whether you are organizing large-scale construction for a new hospital or renovating a smaller structure, such as a boutique shop, our attention to detail eliminates room for error and ensures that your plumbing is code-compliant.

We take our responsibility to each customer seriously. To us, that means developing clear, thorough plans that consider even the smallest detail. Our mission is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by delivering results of the highest quality. If you are working on a commercial project, our team is ready to consult with you.

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Trust Us to Design and Build Your Commercial Plumbing

For the complicated task of designing and installing commercial plumbing, you need to trust professionals who have the knowledge and experience to do the job right. At J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping Inc., we have the expertise that’s necessary for commercial structures of all sizes. Our comprehensive plumbing services in Geneva, IL, include custom design and build solutions for businesses.

As your commercial plumbing service, we streamline the process and recommend cost-saving approaches to your design and installation. Our team carefully reviews your building plans and prepares the most efficient and effective plumbing design for your construction project. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your commercial space will have a fully functional and reliable plumbing setup.

We have proudly served businesses large and small since 1917. Our reputation for excellence has made us the go-to selection for many businesses over the years. If you are designing a new office or industrial building, we want to help you by designing and building the most appropriate plumbing system for the structure. From manufacturing facilities to healthcare clinics, our skilled professionals have installed plumbing for a wide variety of applications. We welcome the chance to work for you, so contact us today.

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Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Isn’t Draining

Anybody who’s slaved over a sink full of scalding hot water piled high with dirty dishes will tell you that a dishwasher is worth its weight in gold. They will also tell you that when your dishwasher isn’t draining properly, you need to get it fixed right away or resign yourself to dishpan hands.

At J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping Inc., we offer plumbing services in St. Charles, IL, and have plenty of experience rescuing clients from dishwasher despair. We’re going to give you a few reasons here in this blog post why your unit isn’t draining.

Two items that cause the majority of problems are the hoses and the filters. Check the drain hose periodically to look for clogs, and if you find any, remove them to allow the water to flow as it should.

Filters call for the same approach, as they will get clogged with all the debris they trap and eventually greatly reduce the rate that water flows through them. You can find these filters near the sump in your dishwasher. Make sure you clean both the large basket filter and the small mesh filter.

If you can’t find the problem, it will lie elsewhere in your system, and that’s when you need a company that provides plumbing services in St. Charles, IL, to track it down and repair it for you.



What You Should Know About Water Hammers

Bang. Bang. Bang-bang-bang. Unless you’re at a rock concert listing to the drummer pound away on his kit, those sounds aren’t going to be music to your ears. That’s especially true if those harsh and abrupt noises are coming from your plumbing system. When that happens, they are called “water hammers.”

As a Batavia plumbing company, our team at J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping Inc. has a lot of experience with water hammers, and we decided to provide some information here so you will know what you are up against when you encounter them in your home or office.

A water hammer occurs in pipes when a fluid moving in one direction has to stop or rapidly change direction. A shockwave happens that leads to the banging you hear. The danger with this is that it will damage and cause wear in valves and joints, which can lead to leaks, detached pipes, and even burst lines.

A Batavia plumbing company can help fix a water hammer in a few different ways. They will make sure loose pipes are secure to prevent them from shaking and amplifying the hammering noises.

You can ask the company to install an air chamber that allows water to move into the chamber when a valve is closed. This prevents the water from slamming into the closed valve and creating a shockwave as it rebounds. Mechanical shock absorbers are also a very good solution.

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How to Extend the Life of Your Plumbing

The plumbing in your home and office is dependable. It gives you service every day and doesn’t get a second thought until there’s a problem. That dependability can lull people into thinking those copper and plastic pipes, joints, valves, and faucets will last forever, but that’s not the case.

Like anything else, your plumbing will wear out, but there are ways to extend the life of your system, and our team at J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping Inc. has assembled a few tips for your information. Our years as one of the go-to plumbing companies in Geneva, IL, have given us plenty of experience in helping customers extend the lives of their plumbing systems.

Keep an eye on your water pressure because if it’s too high, the connections can wear out.

Chemical drain cleaners are a no-no. They’ll destroy the blockage and then start working on your pipes after that.

Repair small leaks before they become big ones.

Don’t flush items that are not intended for flushing. Things like wrappers or paper can leave pieces in your pipes that will build up and form clogs.

Slow drains indicate a problem. They mean there’s a blockage somewhere that will cause increased pressure on the system, and then you’re right back to our first tip.

If you have an issue with your system, reach out to one of the plumbing companies in Geneva, IL, right away to prevent it from getting worse.

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How to Drain Your Home Plumbing System

A plumber may recommend draining your plumbing pipes not only to keep your system in its best condition but for a variety of home additions and repairs. While draining a plumbing system isn’t the most common task, it is an important one. The knowledgeable plumbers at J.L. Wagner Plumbing & Piping Inc. have provided tips for homeowners needing to do just that. Proceed as follows:

  1. Shut off the main water valve at your home meter.
  2. Starting from the top-most floor, open all of the sink faucets to allow air into the system, which will help water drain from the system.
  3. Open the faucets at the lowest level of the home and let the water from the above floors drain out.
  4. Climb back upstairs and open the tub and shower faucets.
  5. Flush all the toilets, emptying the tanks.
  6. If you are leaving the property for an extended period of time, leave the faucets in their open position.
  7. There should be no water coming out of any faucets, except for possible slight residual drips from the lowest faucet in the pipeline.

If a home is left unattended for a long period, standing water in toilets, sink and tub drain traps and floor drains can evaporate, removing the drain seal that keeps sewer gases from swelling up into the home. Rest assured you can call on J.L. Wagner Plumbing when you need top-notch Batavia plumbing that will keep your home in check.