General Plumbing Fixture Repairs

Disposal, Shower, Faucet, and Toilet Repair

Take care of every plumbing component in your home or business when you reach out to the crew at J.L. Wagner Plumbing for services. For more than 100 years, our technicians have been there to solve numerous pesky plumbing issues that face our clients. There is no limit to what our staff can do for you, and we will gladly help you with any size project, whether it is an installation or toilet repair in Geneva, IL.

Doing Away with Drips

Are you hearing the constant sound of a leaking faucet? Treat this problem from the source when you turn to us for a dripping faucet repair service. No matter what is causing the drip to occur, we have the right option to restore your feature to a functional condition. With our services, you will stop drips before they can start, reducing water waste and keeping your water bills low.

Do You Need a Toilet Unclogged?

Toilets are designed to handle large amounts of waste, but flushing too much paper or an improper object can cause damage or a clog to develop. If your toilet is not refilling or the system is clogged, you can turn to us for all plumbing services in Geneva, IL.

At our company, our plumbing team is available to take on a series of services. From a pipe repair to unclogging your toilet, we have the perfect option for your location.

Your Garbage Disposal Repair Team

Is your garbage disposal clogged? Are you noticing an unsightly smell coming from deep within the system? Solve every problem facing your appliance when you work with our team for a garbage disposal repair. Our professionals have the expertise needed to tackle any type of issue. With us on your side, you will be able to use your system again to dispose of unwanted food waste.

Turn to Us to Safely Clean Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is one of the most convenient upgrades that a homeowner can choose for his or her kitchen. However, this feature can be dangerous to clean without following the right process. Sharp blades and an intricate setup combine to make it difficult to clean this system properly.

Undergo a safe garbage disposal cleaning with our services. We use top tools to do away with any grotesque odors and potential clogs.

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