Essential Backflow Prevention from Our Fox Valley Plumbing Company

A backflow prevention unit.

Keep your water safe from contamination when you turn to JL Wagner Plumbing for backflow prevention in St. Charles, IL. We offer a number of services for water protection for each of our clients, including a residential and commercial sump pump. Reach out to our Fox Valley plumbing company today to learn more about our options.

We are a fully licensed plumbing contractor that provides backflow device services. Our number one concern is to protect public drinking water. We are here to provide knowledge and professional plumbing services in St. Charles, IL, and the surrounding area with a smile. We offer commercial and residential testing, repairs, and new installations of backflow prevention systems for your home. Our team will do everything we can to ensure that your family has safe drinking water.


Contact us in St. Charles, Illinois, to work with us for your backflow prevention needs. We offer project options for clients throughout the area.