It’s a good thing that our toilet tanks have lids that stop us from seeing inside. However, it is a smart idea to look in there now, as you may be surprised by what you see. Your tank water can get pretty dirty for a variety of reasons, and many plumbing professionals, advise that the discoloration doesn’t always transfer to the bowl.

Common causes of dirt in the toilet tank can include minerals from the water supply, mold, algae, and corrosion of plumbing pipes or even metal parts of the tank itself. It can also be possible that the water supply is tainted due to well problems or work being done on the municipal water system. If the supply is tainted, there will also be discoloration at faucets.

Brown Water in the Toilet Tank

An expert at any plumbing company will tell you that iron in the water is the most common reason for brown water. It could be that your pipes are rusting, or that your water supply is rich in iron compounds. Iron isn’t a health problem, but it does tend to stain the sides of the tank and discolor the water. It can also promote bacteria growth.

If you install a water softening system, it will remove several minerals, including iron. If the brown discoloration occurs only in the toilet tank, it’s time to ask a pro in Fox Valley plumbing to check the pipes that supply the bathroom, as one of them may be corroded and need replacement.

If you have a well, the brown color in the toilet tank could also be due to dissolved organic matter. The discoloration may be accompanied by bits of sediment, and the presence of either means that your well needs attention.

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